epic heroes war for kakao


  • NameT-Pain666
    at 3:20 am - 29/10/2014

    Сама по себе игра норм, как и у всех игр есть недоработки, есть над чем работать, например насчет доната , так как для обычных людей , не ищущих и лазающих по всему инету, в поисках хоть какого-то способа бесплатно заработать драгоценную валюту(кристалл) неважно каким способом, до 25 лвла докачиваешься и игра надоедает, так как без доната не пройдешь.

  • Wanyer
    at 2:58 am - 11/11/2014

    se me pega mucho cuanto sale loading cargar como hasta 90% y hay se queda ayuda

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  • Alexander Lorenzo
    at 4:23 pm - 14/12/2014

    Please log me out of all my accounts

    My account name is ddarks72

    I think i got hacked cause i cant log in and i signed out in all devices

  • Dung
    at 7:25 am - 17/12/2014

    Please log out acc mix.kon.vn
    Thanks admin

  • Alexander lorenzo
    at 8:04 am - 01/01/2015

    I cant log-in to my account (ddarks72)
    it says i must log-out of other devives but i already did, please help

  • Raphael Plett
    at 7:56 pm - 10/01/2015

    I bought a SMALL GEM PACKAGE TWO times and I never got it!!

    WHY NOT?!

  • Mario Benzin
    at 4:26 pm - 15/01/2015

    Das Spiel ist nicht schlecht aber auch nicht gut da es kein Spiel ist um darauf fest zu gehen…

  • Matt
    at 12:52 am - 20/01/2015

    Hi, I play epic heroes war on my iPhone 5 and had no problems to begin with. At the end of November / beginning of December, after I made in app purchases, the game stopped working, failing to start despite logging in to the Facebook request that started every time I opened the game. I have not been able to play since. I have just removed and reinstalled the app and have lost all progress in game and also my in app purchases. Needless to say this is somewhat annoying. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Badaa32
    at 2:23 am - 22/01/2015

    21.01.2015 произвела покупку 350 гем, деньги сняли гемы не пришли.

  • Amar Bangla Natok
    at 1:06 am - 25/01/2015

    Nice game i like it,keep it up thankyou